October 2, 2019

Tough Day? Read This

In case it hasn’t crossed your mind today – God is taking this journey with you! He knows your concerns today. He knows your worries, your challenges, your problems. He knows what’s going on around you and within you. He gets it. He feels it. And He’s waiting for you to make it all His!

So, right now, give whatever it is to Him. He’s really big. He can handle it. He can carry it all, and He can carry you as well!

Seriously, Go ahead… do it. I’ll wait. Seriously… do it…

OK – there. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

God is taking you through a very special season right now. I know sometimes it seems overwhelming and unending, but God has allowed you to be a part of something incredibly special. Remember that He cares more for you than you could ever care for yourself! Remember that He will be better to you than you ever could be. Remember that you are in the palm of His hand and His promises and His strength makes the journey so much better and more enjoyable.

– written by Pastor Jay Overbay