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Behold Sermon Notes

Follow along with Pastor Jay as he preaches and teaches the Word of God.

Behold - The Opened Door

This is part12 of the Behold Sermon Series.

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We want to see how the story is going to end so that we know what to anticipate as we make our way through the story. Life is no different. We all have a desire to know what's going to happen next so that we can be better prepared for whatever it may be. While God has not explained everything that will take place to us, He has pulled back the curtain of tomorrow and He invites to take a look and to make proper preparations in our heart and in our life for what will come to pass shortly.

Summary: In Revelation chapter 4, the narrative of the book shifts from the present to the near future. We find that the next event on God's divine blueprint is the opening of a door between Heaven and earth. We find ourselves literally standing on the threshold of an eternal transition. What does that mean for the church and what does that mean for the world.

Key Scriptures

(Revelation 4:1): "After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."


We found that one of the greatest problems in the nation of Israel, in the first century church, and in the church today is that THEY DIDN’T AND WE OFTEN DON’T LISTEN TO CHRIST as we ought to.

We looked at the church of EPHESUS and we found that too many churches try to please people rather than trying to please the Lord.

We looked at the church of SMYRNA and we found that standing for truth often invites suffering, but the grace of God is always sufficient.

We looked at the church of PERGAMOS and we found that when we sacrifice our faith in and our service to God on the altar of “whatever, we soon begin to believe and behave in a way that is contrary to the will of God and the Word of God.

We looked at the church of THYATIRA and we found that even though everything make look alright on the outside, God sees all that taking place underneath.

We looked at the church of SARDIS and we found that the things that often impress us the most impress the Lord the least.

We looked at the church of PHILADELPHIA and we found that when we as a church take advantage of our resources and our responsibilities God reveals Himself to us and through in a very special and unique way.

Two weeks ago, we looked at the church of LAODICEA and we found that a church that compromises and a church that tolerates sin becomes a lukewarm church where God cannot accomplish His great work until their is genuine repentance.

1) The PROBLEMS of this church

A) There was the issue of CONTROL

B) There was the issue of COMPROMISE

C) There was the issue of COOL-HEARTEDNESS

D) There was the issue of CONFUSION

2) The PRESENTATION of Christ

A) He emphasizes His AUTHORITY.

B) He emphasizes His ACCURACY.

C) He emphasizes His ALLEGIANCE

3)  The PATHWAY FORWARD for the church

A) They needed to return to their SPIRITUAL VALUES

B) They needed to return to their SPIRITUAL VIRTUES

C) They needed to return to their SPIRITUAL VISION

4)  The PRIZE for the right choice

A) The promise of His PRESENCE

B) The promise of His POWER

C) The promise of His PERMANENCE

This Week's Notes Will Be Posted Soon

Until then, let me encourage you to read Revelation chapter 4.